Storm Watch… Complete. Iselle is to the left and Julio is on the right and above us. I guess that means were all clear. 😃

Storm Watch, Afternoon, Day Three. (at Enchanted Lake, Kailua, Oahu)

Storm Watch, morning, day three… Iselle made a left turn at the Big Island. Shouldn’t be too bad for us today.

Coolest web app… Ever. #earthwindmap AND, it’s beautiful to boot. :) (at Enchanted Lake, Kailua, Oahu)

Storm Watch, evening, day two. Nothing happening on Oahu… Yet. (Note to Mother Nature, this is not a challenge) (at Enchanted Lake, Kailua, Oahu)

Fire alarm was going haywire today…

Hurricane safety brief.

Storm Watch, afternoon, day two. All the planes are now evacuated and I can see the rain coming…

Storm Watch, Morning, Day two. Beautiful sunrise.

End of the hike.